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 Meet Domino ....Just look at those sad eyes..he has lived as a garden feral for many years ....this poor boy was found on a log pile in April on a bitterley snowy a terrible state presumed nearly dead.  He revived after veterinary treatment but has many issues as he is an older cat.  Since being with us he has had many teeth removed revealing stomotitus which can be treated and had an operation for Entropion ( inverted eye lids).   Apart from these conditions he is the most adorable affectionate large saggy bagpuss type cat that loves nothing more than having lots and lots of love and affection.  He is now in a foster home where we pay all the vet fees.


She is black Persian cat aged 10 who came to us as a stray. Unwanted, she was rehomed but did not settle tending to wander. We took her back finding she had problems using a litter tray but, with patience, her fosterer taught her to use puppy pads which she continues to use. CLAUDIA has recently been placed in Sanctuary and we hope that she endears herself to her new fosterer as she did with us.



SISKA is a beautiful grey and white Maine Coone female cat who came to us because her owner could no longer keep her. SISKA is absolutely stunning and so affectionate. Her problem is having IBS. SISKA spent some time with us so we could get her problem under control. Once this had been achieved, a suitable fosterer came forward. This fosterer had experience with a cat who had a condition similar to SISKA's who has settled well in her new Sanctuary home bringing with her a great deal of love.


If you would like to sponsor & help towards the costs of any of our Animals in Sanctuary please contact Hilary on 01270 875260.  You will receive a certificate, photograph and full history of the animal you are sponsoring and an update bi - yearly.  

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